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Earth, Year 3250, Civilization that has become all about virtualization as people enter the virtual world to participate on the Gyro Buster competition which is a prestigious sport where a battle between spinning tops (Gyro) that have been modified by advanced virtual technology.

With over 40 Gyro variants that can be obtained, collect Gyro parts from the battle arena, upgrade your Gyro to become undefeatable. Stunning 3D graphics, tons of unique skills and different competitive battle modes will give the best gameplay experience never seen in any other games.

Gyro Buster Features:

Robotic Gyro equipment floating around the gyro player. When used, Gyrobo will add one active skill to the gyro player.

Equipment installed on Gyro can provide additional stat, Trail can be upgraded with a material.

Powerful Equipment his power is based on chance on hit.

Challenging PVE Mode
Fight against challenging sophisticated AI in PvE mode, player can play battle mode like:

Gauntlet: This mode requires the player to survive waves of enemies while fighting a Boss at the final wave, where you can fight One by One against AI to gain their Gyro Part and Gauntlet Mode where you survive against series of Gauntlet ending with the final Boss.

Arcade: This mode requires the player to beat an enemy in every stage with different difficulties. There are 3 sections of difficulty, and each section has 14 stages that can be played.

PVP Mode
Fight against another player on Shadow Fight! On this mode, the player will fight against other players randomly respective to their Battle Point. If the player win the match he will increase his Battle Point, If the player loses the fight, it will reduce his Battle Point, and top 10 players in Shadow Fights will get more rewards, every week the rank system will be reset.

🌌 Collect Gyro
Gyro Buster has more than 40+ Gyro to collect.

Gyro has 3 different phases which are:
1. Phase 1 KILO
2. Phase 2 MEGA
3. Phase 3 GIGA

Upgradable & Customizable
Each Gyro is customizable and can Upgrade to be stronger. By using the Upgrade feature the where player uses the collected parts of that particular Gyro obtained from various PvE Mode or Shop.

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