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Space Tycoon | 星际大亨


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The universe is in full swing and the war is on the verge. At this time, should we set up our own space station and develop our own fleet to defend ourselves? Can also buy and sell warships to make money, why not?
This game is a simulation business game based on second-hand ship trading. You will play as a space station webmaster in the game, earn money through various sales, tasks, upgrade space stations, buy ships,Forming a fleet
Friendship: Friendship affects the price of the sale.

Deal: buying and selling second-hand warships, making money easily.

Events: all kinds of events happen randomly and easily.

Task: rewarding and rewarding for completing tasks.

Combat: intense and exciting combat.

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Producent: Space Driver
Wydawca: Space Driver

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Early Access
Space Sim

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