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In the game of Worlds Collide, you will play as a king of your empire, to build
a city, expand its territory, gather enough resources, set up more production lines,
eventually form your army and conquer others.In game,there is no rounds,you can suspend deployment of your strategy at any time. In this world, you will encounter almost all kinds of events that could happen to a real empire: raging natural disasters
throughout your land, uprising of your civilians against your reign, an unfortunate
falling into the notorious Malthusian trap. Variety of actions must be taken by you
in order to survive and win the unltimate victory.

Build your city

Your city is the foundation of all further development. You must try to increase its
influence, occupy more lands and obtain the yields from them.

Visit a village

While you are adventuring on the map, you will find some villages. By choosing to
visit them, either pleasant surprise or unexpected misfortune could be awaiting.

Develop technology

Changes in technology are the primary source for changes in society. Advanced
technology enable your city to have more production lines, a stronger army and better
ability to deal with different natual disasters.

Build your army

Send your army to the battlefield to gain experience and level up. Each time upon
reaching a new level, three random traits will be available, but only one of them can
be chosen. Make your decision and let your army become invincible.

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