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Gala Collider - Lista funkcji

  • A unique gameplay experience Gala Collider fuses the conquest of turn-based strategy games (AKA 4X games) with the fluid tension and high paced play of digital card games, creating a new genre with the best aspects of both.
  • Build decks with a huge variety of strategies and depth Build your deck and seed your technology pool before each game with your favorite strategies. Then, modify your deck as you play to adapt it and beat your opponents.
  • Play at your own pace Optional turn timer allows for either long, calculated matches over several days or for quicker, casual skirmishes that you can play in a single sitting.
  • Play as distinct factions for asymmetrical gameplay Conquer the galaxy as the quick, alien Sylith faction or the steadfast, human-descended Coalition.
  • Free starter decks Every faction gets a free starter deck, and all players receive starter decks each time they are released, completely for free.
  • New material in release cycles Each release cycle of cards will explore a different theme and showcase new mechanics, opening up fresh strategies for you to discover and master.

Gala Collider - Reviews

  • "Even at this early stage, the game has so much depth and replayability. I was actually struggling to stop playing because I was enjoying finding all the subtle nuances to it."
    Edd Harding, Video Game Almanac
  • "This is a pretty ambitious game, and I say that in a good way."
    Jose San Mateo, Indie Haven
  • "With deep, strategic gameplay that doesn’t get too complex to be inaccessible, Gala Collider is a rich and refreshing take on the ever expanding market of digital card games"
    John Edward Bridgman, indiegames
  • "NeoCrux has put a whole lot of thought into deckbuilding. It’s nice to see that it’s not just ‘Here’s an attack card. Here’s a defense card.’"
    Travis Williams, Reflective Riot

Gala Collider - O tej grze

Gala Collider is an exciting space-exploration expandable card game with a rich story and intuitive mechanics played on an ever-changing planetary map. Compete head-to-head against other players as you move your armada, defend your homeland, and partake in strategic tactical battles. Master your strategy by researching new cards, scouting your enemies, and outwitting your opponents.


When you play cards on the galaxy map, they transform into 3D models of ships or structures that you can move around from planet to planet. Turns happen simultaneously, so you will need to anticipate, bluff, and out-think your opponent during each turn if you want to win. Your strategy relies on the deck you build and your choice of technology options selected before you play. During the game, you can modify your strategy by adding powerful, new cards to your deck from your tech-pool. Explore worlds, colonize sectors, and gain resources to expand your galactic empire and conquer your enemies.

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Sieciowe PvP
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Producent: NeoCrux Ltd.
Wydawca: NeoCrux Ltd.

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Early Access
Card Game
Turn-Based Strategy

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