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You Can(Not) Survive


You Can(Not) Survive - O tej grze

Alas, but you are not the last survivor in the recent zombie Apocalypse. Or was it not a zombie Apocalypse? There is not much of a choice you have now - either die or survive at any cost.

  • Zombie shooter action game with RPG elements.
  • Direct control of your character.
  • Additionally you have indirect control over your squad members.
  • The character has stats which improve over time, based on your game actions.
  • Combine and disassemble items using your engineering skill.
  • Gain experience, collect valuable parts and use them to upgrade weapons and craft medical supplies and useful devices. All of this will aid you against thousands of enemies that you will meet on your way.
  • Huge base of weapon, including flame throwers, grenade launchers, rifles, hand guns, plasma guns and many others.
  • Enemies become stronger and stronger. They can use a huge range of abilities.
  • You will Fight against bosses with dangerous abilities. Collect deserved rewards for killing them.
  • Reach safe areas, perform tasks, build a team, equip your character, defend positions and advance to your goal.
  • Are you ready to uncover the secret of the Apocalypse?

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You Can(Not) Survive contains violence, Blood and Gore (including decapitation and dismemberment of zombie-like creatures)

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Producent: DAX Entertainment
Wydawca: DAX Entertainment

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