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Parents left sector hotel-oscar-mike-echo, we can proceed with operation Flying Circus. Lead our units to defeat the enemy, and gain control over all toys in the house.
Flying Circus is an arcade flying simulator where you can fly model aircrafts across the house.

Flying Circus contains 40 unique missions. From classical tower defense and assault, to convoying and great battle .

Flying Circus gives you ability to fly 14 unique models of aircrafts from the time of WWII all over the house. Unlock better planes to complete next missions.

Every time you unlock new aircraft, you start with clean, gray plastic. There are 54 camouflages hidden all over the house. Collect them all to unlock elite golden color schemes, which you can use in multiplayer.

You have to survive! Set up allied units to enhance defense. Collect better armament and better aircrafts, which appear in the house to beat next waves of enemies.

Multiplayer contains 4 different gamemodes:
-team deathmatch

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