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RoboSnakes: Core Wars Legacy


RoboSnakes: Core Wars Legacy - O tej grze

RoboSnakes: Core Wars Legacy is a game created from dreams of a game, where your mechanical skill, age, dexterity or equipment won’t give you any major advantage, a game where nothing but your intellect could give you an edge on your opponent, player and AI alike.

The effect of those dreams is a game with a completely new idea of the word multiplayer. You will never need to queue up and wait for other people since the players of RoboSnakes leave their mark on the game forever.

What are Core Wars and why the name Core Wars Legacy?

During prehistoric times, or 1984 to be exact, when no one even dreamed about a serious video game market an idea was born. An idea that fascinated us and inspired us. Core Wars in the memories of virtual machines gave birth to games about robot battles in a virtual platform.
This game is our tribute and homage to the original idea and the entire community, which to this day cultivates this original game.

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to learn, but powerful visual programming system.
    This game isn’t designed for hardcore programmers. It is for people who are looking for an intellectual challenge, therefore the language is easy to understand by anyone and requires no previous experience with coding.
  • Full control of the code execution:
    • automatic highlighting of the currently executed line
    • TRUE/FALSE indication by green/red highlight
    • change the speed
    • play the code forward or backward
    • step-by-step mode
    • breakpoints
  • Your RoboSnake has its own built-in AI.
    • it will try its best to survive in situations not predicted by you, eliminating any frustrating gameplay
    • every battle is different - AI can surprise you
    • you don’t have to worry though, your program will always overwrite default AI behavior
  • True cross-platform multiplayer ie. PC vs Switch vs iOS vs Android vs PS4 vs XBOX1 (coming 2019)

What you get:

right now, in Early Access

  • 1 sandbox map for testing strategies
  • 10 Versus arenas
  • 20 Tutorial levels
  • 30 Campaign levels

RoboSnakes 2019 ROADMAP

  • Bringing an ONLINE multiplayer experience, including a Worldwide League.
  • Adding collectible/experience features: STARS and CELLS and the ability to upgrade and customize your RoboSnake using them
  • Versions for other platforms: Switch/iOS/Android/PS4/X1
  • Expanding the storyline and Campaign.
  • Team Versus: 2v2s, 5v5s, and 2v1 or 2v5 challenges
  • Mac OS X/SteamOS + Linux suport


wiki: (coming on 1/1/2019)
forum: (coming on 1/1/2019)

Robosnakes: Core Wars Legacy is a game which doesn't require you to invest hours upon hours into to get a higher chance of winning. Fair play is one of the most important ideas of RoboSnakes, where the players and the AI have the same amount of power.

Please keep in mind that we are working intensely on improving the game as quickly as possible. Since this is Early Access if you experience any bugs, crashes, have any questions regarding RoboSnakes or find anything unclear, please be sure to contact us using the forums, disscussions or our support email [email protected]. We want you to have the best possible experience with our game, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Updates on RoboSnakes' development as well as patches will come out at least once a week, so the game will never have any major bugs for a longer period of time, and this is why we advise you not to give any rash judgments.

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