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In WildKids, you will act as a versatile law enforcer who will pass back from the future world. In order to assist you in completing the education law enforcement, we have equipped you with a ‘time quiescent’. When it detects the energy of the bear child, it will start the static time, giving you plenty of time to prepare for the law enforcement. However, its energy is also limited. What you need to do is to use your wit to find all kinds of props from the scene to 'educate' them in a limited time, and finally let them grow into quality, responsibility, and As an ideal young man.

Speech by INFITFUN:
Dear player friends, due to the financial problem, we only spent a month or so to complete the development and basic testing, language support may not be perfect, I hope to get your understanding. If you encounter any problems or have novel ideas to share with us during the game, please contact us as soon as possible. We will make corrections and improvements as soon as possible
At the same time, we also hope to get the majority of players friends support and recognition, your support is our motivation to continue

Here we sincerely apologize again for not giving you the best game experience. We want to make a good game, and we will stick to it! Thank you for your support

WildKids - Opis dotyczący treści dla dorosłych

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Producent: Beijing INFITFUN Technology Co.Ltd
Wydawca: Beijing INFITFUN Technology Co.Ltd

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Early Access
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